Which Design Makes YOU Look Like The Goddess You Are CURVY, PLUS SIZE OR FUll FIGURED?

Written by Lisa Adams

March 6, 2021


Do you ever go shopping, see all of these words and terms swirling around and stamped on everything?  What do they even mean?  How do you know what is best for you?  I don’t know about you, but if I’m spending the money on it, it needs to make me look gorgeous and well-made.  I don’t want the general “Fast Fashion” of today.  I don’t anything falling apart or threads hanging out while I’m wearing it.  I also need it to last a while before it starts to fade or fall apart.  No one wash and done here. I was recently at a wholesale fashion show and it occurred to me that if I have to check out what these terms mean with the vendors, you may be curious too.  Here are the helpful tips I found that I think will help you out. There is Beauty in EVERY Size.


I have been doing a lot of introspection on the interchangeable use of words to describe women who do not fit into the mold of “regular” sizes. In my opinion, why does there have to be a particular description for anyone that does not fit into society’s description of “normal” size? Really, what is a normal size? There is beauty in EVERY size. That is a topic for another day. Plus Size


Plus size Is a loose term, in my opinion. In the fashion industry, they may consider plus size 10 or 12. If you can’t fit in the sample sizes, you are plus size. In my opinion, 14-16 is starting the plus sizes; I am sure I would have people in the fashion industry disagree with me. One article I read described plus as all over thick (I personally don’t care for this description either). Plus size does not mean you are curvy. The distinction is the measurement between breast, waist and hips.

A full-figured woman usually has a bras size bigger than a size D and her waist is considerably smaller. This definition does not fit everyone. You could be built like a Barbie Doll. My mom was a petite woman; however, her cup size was an E or F.


What I am trying to let women of all sizes know is, we are made differently. The fashion industry, along with manufacturers, varies greatly. Some of us may feel there is a negative connotation to shopping ” plus, full-figured or curvy.” Could one description make us feel more self-confident than another? Is one descriptive word better than another? In my opinion, no. Some women feel shame or that somehow they are lacking as a woman because they have to shop curvy or plus.

I Understand Because I have Been There How do I know? Because I have felt this way myself. Now an owner of The Curvy Closet, I feel as though more women would visit my shop if they knew there is no shame or that it does not make you less to shop plus or curvy. Honey, YOU are more in EVERY way and that is Wonderful! Remember, the number on the scale or in your clothes does not define who you are as a person. It doesn’t mean failure or less than. Society itself is getting better; we still have a long way to go. Now, if we could get family members and people, in general, to realize that this is not a failure, maybe we could relax and feel better about ourselves.  Seriously, the stress you are placing on yourself for this is worse than the weight you could be carrying. How about using descriptive words like “the nice woman or happy, pleasant, helpful, smart, compassionate, well dressed, or attractive as a way to describe a woman. truly yours in service, (1)

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